The "Jewish Museum" in Jebenhausen

The Search for Traces: Jews in Göppingen and Jebenhausen


The first Jewish Museum in the land of Baden-Württemberg was opened in Göppingen-Jebenhausen in 1992. The museum building is the former church built in 1506 belonging to the village of Jebenhausen. The church closed in 1966 and was secularized with its transition into the holdings of the city. Between the old building and the new contents inside there are numerous points of contact. For example, the Barons of Liebenstein, being directly under the emperor in the feudal system, made possible the foundation of the Jewish community in Jebenhausen, which is to be seen in emblems, coats of arms and portraits. As another example of these intersections, the chandelier and stools still remaining in the church find their origins from the Jebenhausen Synagogue closed in 1899. At the turn of the century, the Jews gave this inventory of the synagogue to the Christians as a gift. In the nave and on the upper floors of the church, the nearly 170 year long history of the Jewish community of Jebenhausen and Göppingen is explained— beginning with the "letter of protection" for the Jews signed on July 7, 1777 in Jebenhausen to the emancipation and assimilation in the 19th century and on to periods of persecution, banishment, and annihilation of Göppingen Jews during the years of National Socialist tyranny.

The exhibition has six focal points: Jews in Jebenhausen, Jewish Life, Jews in Göppingen, Economic Life, Life’s Paths, and Under National Socialism. The contents are diversified and vividly displayed, thereby employing various ways of presenting information: illustrative texts and excerpts, striking accents, large scale picture motifs, detailed graphics and maps, audio-visual media as well as small stage theatre. Many parts of the exhibtion are exemplary for the history of Jews living both provencially and in the cities of the German Southwest.

Treasures of the Göppingen Museums

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